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Fast Open Lip Die Series

Flexible lower lip fast open adjust system, range between 0-4mm, upper lip flexible for fine adjustment, tolerance can be controlled within 2%.The lower lip can be adjusted easily without stopping the line and this system will reduce your adjusting time from normal 20 minutes to 2 minutes Die lip is more closer to the roller, thus reducing moulding time, and improving product quality.Die lip open indicator, make operation more precise, more convenient.Inner self-lubrication system effectively avoids wear-out of the components, and save timely maintenance Improved die lip adjusting system can protect die lip and roller as well as the operator...

Automatic Control Die Series

Die lip adjustment method: Automatic push & pull,or push only fine and flexible lip adjusting。 The thermal expansion bolt and heaters are used in of well-known European brands。 Die body is equipped with the built-in high-quality stainless steel heating rod, to realize the sectional heating, the outer part of the die body is coated with thermal insulation material, the thermal insulation device is installed between the expansion bolt portion and die body, to rapidly and uniformly cool the air, ensuring optimal temperature control of each part。 Die head is equipped with the outer block-type or inner block-type wide-size adjusting device that can reduce the thick edge。

Coextrusion high barrier film Die

Barrier film die:Max width 3000mm,Max thickness of barrier film 300um. Barrier film die lip adjustment:automatic thickness control system;manual push&pull adjustment. Adjustment for Width of die:adjustment system on line and common adjustment. Flow structure :single manifold die,multimanifold dies with or without feedblock.

Proximity Coating Die

Special-purposed coating die head is used to coat the flowing liquid material at room temperature, such as liquid epoxy resin, polyimide resin, with coating thickness of 0.005mm to 0.02mm, the product is used for the surface film of the circuit board. Die head need not be heated, the flow surface is plated with hard chrome or high precision die lip flow surface.

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